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Flat Roof Installation: A Homeowner’s Guide

Roofer Carrying Out A Flat Roof Installation

If you need a new roof, you might want to consider whether a flat roof installation would be suitable for you. They’re a great choice for many properties, and a particularly good solution for extensions. Let’s discover more about flat roof installation.

What Is A Flat Roof?

Quite simply, a flat roof is a levelled-off building covering that can be used instead of the pitched alternative. Flat roofs are quick and easy to install, usually consisting of a weatherproof membrane. Unlike the name suggests, they’re not completely flat. There is usually a slight slope which allows for water to drain away. Much like pitched roofs, you can install skylights, windows and solar panels on them.

Flat roofing with sky light

Are Flat Roofs Expensive?

No, not usually. Most of the time a flat roof installation will be much cheaper than a pitched one. This is because the job is usually much more simple to carry out and requires far cheaper materials.

Flat roofed building

How Long Do Flat Roofs Last For?

The lifespan of any roof will be impacted by the quality of the contractor. If your roof installation is carried out by a professional company like JB. Roofing, you can expect it to stand strong for up to 30 years. This will also depend on things like where your property is located, weather conditions and how much maintenance you carry out. If you neglect to do things like clean out your guttering, you could be reducing the lifespan of your roof.

Do Flat Roofs Have Any Known Issues?

If your flat roof is installed properly, you shouldn’t experience many issues with it, if any. However, if the roof doesn’t have the correct slope or has areas where water can pool, this can create problems. When water is able to pool on top of the flat roof, it can lead to sagging and structural damage. This can be avoided by checking your roof periodically and ensuring that water is draining properly.

Bay window with flat roof

Some flat roofs can also be damaged by UV light. You’ll know this has happened if your roof looks as though it’s blistering or bubbling on the surface. This can be avoided by choosing a flat roof membrane with better UV resistance. Most homes in the UK won’t struggle with this too much, but it’s something to be mindful of.

For Flat Roof Installation & Maintenance, Call JB. Roofing

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a flat roof installation, we’re the team to call. As well as the initial build, we can also take care of your maintenance too. Flat roofs are a great choice for many homeowners, and as long as you take care of it well it will last for many years to come.

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